Artist Ambassadors

Are you a professional musician or in a working band? Did your own music education experiences inspire you to share your music with others? Do you want to support our cause and help provide kids with the types of educational opportunities you either benefited from, or wish had been available to you?

There are many ways to get involved, and it can have a positive impact on your brand, so let’s put our heads together. Prior to joining SpreadMusicNow, Executive Director Tom Baggott spent 25 years discovering and developing up-and-coming touring talent and has a special understanding of the needs of artists, promoters and clubs. He’s also booked clubs, and has been the talent buyer for a 1200-capacity PAC. Tom has played in dozens of dives and on big festival stages as well and is committed to keeping your own needs and perspectives in mind as he brings the music industry with him in this new mission. Please email Tom to start the discussion; in the meantime, here are some ideas:

Advocate and Spread the Word

With so much news and content shared across social media platforms, there are abundant opportunities to help the SpreadMusicNow mission by simply sharing and responding to our posts. We would love to hear if you have content you wish to share as well. Other than that, you can always just talk to a friend or colleague, and tell them how much you care for this mission. Nothing beats word of mouth enthusiasm!

Teach a Workshop

We are partnering up with organizations around the country to pair musicians with programs in need of qualified teachers and volunteers.

Hold a Fundraiser

Giving Tuesday and special events that have to do with music education, such as International Make Music Day or National Music Education Week, are great opportunities to have a fundraising event that benefits the SpreadMusicNow mission. If you wish to host a benefit concert, please email us. We would love to help spread the word.

You Say It's Your Birthday?

Happy birthday to you! What about creating a Fundraiser on Facebook to encourage your fans to support music education in honor of your big day?

Cultivating your public affiliation with SpreadMusicNow can have a positive impact on your band and your brand, not just in terms of showing your fans that you care to give back to the community, but also directly, through the broader exposure and marketing impact that affiliation provides.

Artist Ambassador Program

Certain artists with larger fan bases can have a bigger impact. Our Artist Ambassador program works with established touring acts who wish to be affiliated with SpreadMusicNow and the MUSIC EMPOWERS® brand. Through a co-promotional relationship in which they expose us to their fan base - and we expose them to one of the largest and most engaged online audiences in the music philanthropy space (219,000+ Likes and 214,000+ followers on Facebook alone) - we work together to provide support for the SpreadMusicNow mission.

Want to talk further about being a SpreadMusicNow artist ambassador? Email us. We can't wait to connect.