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Music is a global language that crosses borders and knows no bounds. Want to help? Here's how:

Spread the Word

Share your passion for music education – engage with us on our social media channels and spread the word about SpreadMusicNow. Tell friends, family and your personal social communities that you're a true believer in the power of music education, and that they too, should join the cause and follow SpreadMusicNow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Every dollar you donate to SpreadMusicNow goes directly to funding music education programs across the country. Become a recurring donor today and receive a SpreadMusicNow T-shirt – along with the knowledge that you're helping a child learn to play music. Enlist friends and family and help us fund a child's music education today!

Start a Fundraiser

Individuals and organizations from across the country have held their own SpreadMusicNow fundraisers, the proceeds of which have gone directly to funding music education for kids.

Whether it's big or small, in a local concert hall or in your own backyard, your fundraiser is a symbol of your commitment to the SpreadMusicNow cause – and a strong vote in support of music education.

If online is your thing, then you can start a digital fundraiser via MightyCause, Crowdrise, or the crowdfunding platform of your choice. There you can start a campaign in support of an event, or a personal effort that's important to you, and the proceeds can benefit SpreadMusicNow. It's easy to set-up, just visit one of our pages and begin building your fundraiser.

Got a fundraising idea, but not sure how to get started?

Send us an email - we'll be glad to help!

Spread The Word

Share your passion for music education. Engage with us on our social media channels and spread the word about SpreadMusicNow.


As the saying goes "money talks." In our case, money educates children.

Start A Fundraiser

Big or small, it's the thought that counts. By fundraising for SpreadMusicNow, you're casting your vote in favor of music education.