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Our mission is to ensure that as many kids as possible have access to high-quality music education. Want to help?

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Individuals and organizations from across the country have held their own SpreadMusicNow fundraisers in support of music education for underserved kids. Whether it's big or small, in a local concert hall or in your own backyard, your fundraiser is a symbol of your commitment to music education.

If online is your thing, then you can start a digital fundraiser on your favorite platform. A few easy options that we recommend are:

There you can decide to dedicate your birthday, honor a loved one who has passed, start a campaign in support of an event, or create a fundraiser based on a personal story that's important to you. The proceeds will benefit SpreadMusicNow’s mission to empower kids and transform their lives through music education.


Every dollar you donate to SpreadMusicNow helps fund music education programs across the country. Become a recurring donor today and know that you're providing kids with the gift of music education. Enlist friends and family to help us fund innovative, high-quality music education programs. Donate here.

Become a Social Media Advocate

Music empowers! Share your passion for music education – there are endless ways to spread the word about SpreadMusicNow through social media. Simply sharing our posts and engaging with us online helps! You can also add a Donate Sticker to your stories on Instagram, start a Facebook Fundraiser to encourage your friends to give, or create great video content about how music education has impacted your life, always tagging @spreadmusicnow!

Tell your friends, family and personal social communities that you're a true believer in the transformative power of music education, and ask them to join the cause and follow SpreadMusicNow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Nothing beats word of mouth enthusiasm!


We know that your time is extremely valuable, but time is often the best gift you can give! You can have an impact in your community working with local organizations like those we support, holding workshops, teaching music lessons, tutoring in other subjects and just helping out. If you need assistance finding an organization that is seeking volunteers, feel free to reach out, and we'll guide you any way we can.

Got a fundraising idea, but not sure how to get started?

Send us an email - we'll be glad to help!

Spread the Word

Share your passion for music education. Engage with us on our social media channels and spread the word about SpreadMusicNow.


As the saying goes "money talks." In our case, money educates children. Please consider making a donation today.

Start a Fundraiser

Ready to begin? Use one of the ideas above, contact us to brainstorm further, or start small right now with a simple Facebook Fundraiser.