Venues & Promoters

Do you want to show your support for music education and have it cost you little, if anything?

There are many ways to get involved, and it can have a positive impact on your brand; here are some ideas:

Create a Dedicated Fundraiser

Many clubs fill their calendars with regularly programmed events, ranging from free local blues or jazz nights to trivia nights and DJ dance parties. How about having a dedicated monthly or weekly fundraiser on one of these nights?

Make Us a Beneficiary of Your Show

Touring artists are often willing to add $1-$3 to a ticket price to support a cause. Asking an artist to make SpreadMusicNow the beneficiary of their next headlining show can both raise money for the cause and develop their market pricing.

Host a Fundraiser

Giving Tuesday and special events related to music education, such as International Make Music Day or National Music Education Week, are great opportunities to have a fundraising event that benefits the SpreadMusicNow mission. If you wish to host a benefit concert, please email us; we would love to help spread the word and connect you with some of our Artist Ambassadors and local or regional talent.

You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Happy birthday to you! What about creating a Fundraiser on Facebook to encourage your fans to support music education in honor of your big day, or your venue’s or company’s anniversary?

Advocate and Spread the Word

With so much news and content shared across social media platforms, there are abundant opportunities to help the SpreadMusicNow mission by simply sharing and responding to our posts. We would love to hear if you have content you wish to share as well. Other than that, you can always just talk to a friend or colleague, and tell them how much you care for this mission. Nothing beats word-of-mouth enthusiasm!

Host Workshops and Gatherings for Local Non-Profits

Many organizations need space for their music education programs, and they usually fall outside of a music venue's normal business hours.