Anthony Coscia

Anthony Coscia, Coscia Guitars
Wall of Sound Project “Le Petit Mur De Son”

Anthony Coscia is a CT-based luthier who focuses on supporting the Jam Band community and more specifically those exploring the music of the Grateful Dead. What started as a hobby became part of a second business and ultimately a full-time career. His instruments are all handcrafted from the raw materials through final finishing and draw inspiration from the Guitars of Alembic, Doug Irwin, Travis Bean and the Vintage Ibanez instruments used in the mid to late '70s by members of the band. In addition to new instruments, he repairs and modifies existing guitars and builds speaker cabinets for musicians.

Coscia's passion project that started at the beginning of this year is "Le Petit Mur De Son". Le Petit Mur De Son is dedicated to rebuilding the Grateful Dead's legendary Wall of Sound from 1974. The intent of this series of projects is to preserve The Wall's place in history and allow people to experience what so few were able to! Each in this series of walls will be increasing in size until the full-scale wall is completed. Currently, the 1/2 scale wall is underway and will be 100% functional as the original. The goal at completion is to make the wall available to venues and musicians so that music fans can experience The Wall of Sound as they would have nearly 50 years ago. If fundraising is successful, he expects a late spring/early summer completion of the half-scale wall. In doing so, he hopes the interest to peak and for a plan to take shape for the final phase of the project.

"As a lifelong Deadhead, The Wall of Sound has always struck me as a part of history that should be preserved and enjoyed by future generations," said Coscia. He started this project 6 months ago in miniature form creating the 1/6 scale Wall of Sound. The progress was documented and shared via social media and the interest in the project grew rapidly with over 750,000 people having seen content from the original projects. In the spring of 2021 it was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal. Various publications, websites, podcasts and radio shows have done interviews about the project. Those include Fretboard Journal,, Tales From the Golden Road (SiriusXM), Dean Delray and others.

What started as a side project to gauge interest in rebuilding The Wall of Sound has quickly evolved into a full fledged plan to accomplish the project in stages. Unfortunately, each larger scale increases in size and cost exponentially. It is no longer feasible to finance these projects alone. To this point the projects have been financed by Coscia with the help of a few private collector sales and a LOT of volunteer hours logged by many people. To see this project through to completion, he will need your help!