Project Music

PROJECT MUSIC is an intensive after-school music education program for students in Stamford, Connecticut, dedicated to the memory of Anthony D. Truglia, who founded the original PROJECT MUSIC in the late 1960’s, providing free music lessons to inner city youth within walking distance to their homes.

Inspired by the Venezuelan program El-Sistema, PROJECT MUSIC is intended not only to provide musical instruments and training, but also to address some of the extensive social challenges affecting Stamford's youth, using music to cultivate fundamental life skills such as self-expression, cooperative learning, discipline, leadership and creativity, all linked to improved social and academic outcomes.


In partnership with Chester Addison Community Center (DOMUS), and supported by the City of Stamford, corporate, foundation and individual donors, PROJECT MUSIC provides music education, instruments, and mentorship to Stamford youngsters in need of opportunity and inspiration.

PROJECT MUSIC invites you to contribute whatever time, talent and treasure you can to ensure that no child remains on a waiting list while enabling all students to remain with the program through high school graduation! Please visit to become a part of the PROJECT MUSIC family; for sure, it takes a village, and your support is much appreciated!