Our Values

SpreadMusicNow funds high-quality music education in and out of the classroom that puts underserved students on a path to college, career, and life success. Our dedication to this mission is rooted in our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, in our organization and in the programs we fund.

As we strive to fulfill our mission with passion and humility, we are guided by values that inform and enhance our work. At the heart of these values are the universal principles of ethics, truth, justice and a simple love for humanity and our shared blue planet.


All people are created equal, possess equal rights and deserve equal treatment and equal opportunities.


Freedom of expression is fundamental to art and plays a critical role in realizing our democratic ideals. We believe that artistic freedom should be preserved and not constrained.


Our mission is carried out with respect for the dignity and beauty of those we serve, in a manner that is transparent, honest and fair.


Our goal is to strengthen communities, one student at a time, through the transformative power of music education.


We understand that tackling the social and economic injustice at the root of the need for our work requires courage, passion, and positivity.


Collaboration yields the best results, and listening is the first step towards successful collaboration.


We live and work in the natural world that sustains us and inspires our creativity, and we recognize our shared responsibility to protect and preserve the environment.


We do our best to lead by example when we lead, and to follow with supportive patience when we follow.


Music empowers. We support individuals, schools, and organizations who strive to improve students' lives and their communities through music education.