Music Will (Formerly Little Kids Rock)

Music Will (formerly Little Kids Rock) runs the largest nonprofit music program in the US public school system. Their teachers currently serve over 500,000 students in more than 600 cities and towns across the country.

They believe that music education is a right, not a privilege, and it should reflect the cultures of the students it serves.

That’s why, for two decades now, their programs have taught students such popular American genres as rock, pop, R&B, Latin, rap and country—alongside styles already taught in schools, such as classical and jazz.

At first, some thought this approach was “too revolutionary.” But many others saw its wisdom. Today, a national network of K-12 districts has adopted the Music Will program as their own.

More than 70 colleges and universities now teach their approach to their music education majors. Several state departments of education have partnered with Music Will to grow music education in the schools they serve.

Their mission of transforming lives by transforming music education has grown into a movement. Learn More

Through funding and cross-promotion, SpreadMusicNow supports the Little Kids Rock mission, providing musical instruments and instruction to students across the nation. In 2015, SpreadMusicNow partnered with Little Kids Rock to fund and deliver 2,000 musical instruments to 21 Hartford, CT public schools as part of the launch of a Modern Band music education program in that school district.