Jeferson Cardenas

  • Program: INTEMPO
  • School: Trailblazers Academy
  • Location: Stamford, Connecticut
  • Instrument: Guitar, Clarinet, Cello

Congratulations to our May Music Student of the Month, Jeferson Cardenas! Jeferson is a thirteen-year-old music student at INTEMPO, where he has been studying music for two years.

Jeferson is a seventh grader at Trailblazers Academy. In the two years he has been a student at INTEMPO, he has moved up to the Advanced Ensemble. Although his favorite instrument to play is the guitar, he also knows how to play the clarinet and the cello.

Jeferson's family members come from Ecuador and Peru. It is no surprise then that he loves listening to Ecuadorian and Peruvian music!

Jeferson's hobbies don't only include music. When he's not practicing one of his instruments, he also likes to play soccer.

Way to go, Jeferson! We are all very proud of your hard work and are excited to watch as you continue to advance with your music!