Dayii Elfayous

  • Program: KEYS
  • School: Central Magnet High School
  • Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Instrument: Violin

Dayii Elfayous began her exploration of music when she was ten years old, while learning to play classical violin. Now, four years later, Dayii’s passion for music has grown, and she builds this love of music playing the violin at Central Magnet High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Through a grant from SpreadMusicNow, Dayii is able to continue her violin lessons from the KEYS program in Bridgeport, Connecticut. KEYS, and many other programs supported by SpreadMusicNow, empowers students like Dayii to flourish through music education and learn lessons that will assist her in all walks of life.

SpreadMusicNow understands that music education can help carve a path to success for a young student. It affects all aspects of their lives, and Dayii is proof, expressing that music has helped her develop new relationships. “What makes me happy about playing music is meeting so many other people.”

She goes on to say, “In South Sudan, where my parents are from, music is used to bring people together. That is what music does for me now – it brings me together with other people.”

Learning to play the violin can be difficult, and Dayii is proud to share that this has helped her develop patience. Now, playing relaxes her.

An aspiring young artist, Dayii has many plans for the future. She believes that in order to develop as a violinist, she must continue to play classical music, but she’d like to practice jazz violin as well. When she attends college one day, Dayii hopes to major in music, and explore the possibility of composing music for motion pictures.