Andrea Rodriguez

  • Program: Charter Oak Cultural Center’s Hartford All-City Youth Orchestra
  • School: Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
  • Location: Hartford, Connecticut
  • Instrument: Violin

Andrea has been playing violin with the Hartford All-City Youth Orchestra since its inception in 2014. She has performed all over the city with HACYO, and continues to both play and mentor younger students. Andrea also volunteers with Charter Oak Cultural Center's music camps for kids during the summer, helping to lead them in violin and as a mentor. HACYO is directed by Dylan Lomangano.

Dylan Lomangano: What type of music do you play? When did you start to play/study this type of music?

Andrea Rodriguez: I play classical violin at Charter Oak. I started playing violin when I was ten years old.

Dylan: What makes you happiest about playing music? What’s your favorite part and why?

Andrea: Playing music makes me happy. My favorite thing about it is that I’m able to put my heart and emotions into music which is sometimes hard to do with words.

Dylan: What are the most challenging parts of your program and playing this instrument? How do you try and overcome these challenges?

Andrea: I think proper form can sometimes be challenging. I try to imagine that I’m holding a small animal so I’m more careful with the instrument.

Dylan: What are your short and long-term goals? How do you feel that your participation will help you achieve these goals?

Andrea: My short-term goals are properly planning and strategizing for the future. Making sure I’m doing everything I can to prepare myself to accomplish my long-term goals. Long-term, I want to maintain and grow confidence in myself and in my talents.

Dylan: How has your involvement with the program impacted your life? How has it changed you? What would you tell other students who are looking to study this instrument?

Andrea: I have introduced friends to the HACYO program which is cool. I have also been able to reinforce my understanding of the nuances of violin and fuel my passion for music.

Dylan: What are you musical, education, and career plans for the future? Will you continue playing music? What do you want to be when you grow up?

Andrea: I want to double major in music and liberal arts in college. I plan to always keep music as a part of my life. I want to be successful first and foremost to myself.