Hayley Jane

Hayley Jane’s performance is layered with raw intensity and linguistic prowess. She has a deeply emotive and highly magnetizing presence that’s generating a buzz in the industry.

Hayley pulls inspiration from a variety of styles, including 60s and 70s rock and pop, musical theater, folk, blues, soul, psychedelic, funk, and bluegrass. Just as varied are the many ways she can captivate an audience. Whether the concentrated potency of her solo acoustic performance, the explosive energy and movement of her full band shows, or one of her theatrical performances, she always brings the charisma, humor and passion to move an audience.

Her music has been praised by a wide range of musicians, producers and music lovers alike, for successfully combining a diverse sound with clever, over-the-top lyrics and Vaudevillian-style storytelling. Hayley reawakens her audiences to the wild parts of themselves, great medicine for these modern times.