Charitable Shopping

That's right! You can shop and give back, simultaneously.

Simply shopping consciously can be a great way to support music education. It’s not lost on us that “shopping” and “philanthropy” don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but we all shop, so why not make those dollars do some good in the world. Below, we’ve made a few suggestions to get you started.


Make SpreadMusicNow Your AmazonSmile Charity. Amazon will donate a portion of your order’s total price when you shop through Learn more about how to set SpreadMusicNow as your charity of choice here.

PayPal's Giving Fund

Use PayPal’s Giving Fund to Support SpreadMusicNow as You Spend. Choose SpreadMusicNow on PayPal’s “Support a Charity" page. Here is more information about PayPal’s Giving Fund.

Spread the Word

Share your passion for music education. Engage with us on our social media channels and spread the word about SpreadMusicNow.


As the saying goes "money talks." In our case, money educates children. Please consider donating today.

Start a Fundraiser

Big or small, it's the thought that counts. By fundraising for SpreadMusicNow, you're casting your vote in favor of music education.