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December Music Student of the Month

Nathaniel CabellerosMy name is Nathaniel Caballeros, I am 12 years old and I am in 7th grade. I live in Stamford, Connecticut and I learn music at a program called INTEMPO and I play the violin and viola.

At INTEMPO, I have learned so many things over the years. They have taught me everything necessary to play my instruments correctly. My teacher has talked to me about my form, my intonation, and my finger placement so that I know how to correctly play the violin. One of my favorite pieces to play on the viola is the Telemann Concerto in G Major.

I have a hobby which is playing hockey. I like to practice my instrument and listening to music is a big part of my day.

In school, I don't have too many subjects but one of my favorites is science. I like science because it uses a lot of rationality and evidence. In science, we carry out experiments to apply the right variables to our subject. This helps me break down some things to see what I can change, like some factors of how I play my instrument.

In the future, I am not exactly sure what career I want to try, but I want to be involved with some kind of science, going into particle physics. While I chase my career I also want to continue music and learning in the future.

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