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The Intersection Between Philanthropy, Technology and Music

Years ago, most people probably wouldn't have thought there was much correlation between music and technology. Sure, for a long time now, producers have used computers and audio equipment to fine-tune music and edit songs. But for the most part, singers sung, musicians played, and the technology experts spent their days rapidly typing away on their keyboards and solving complex computer issues that involve way more than just restarting your machine. However, times have changed, and with the growth of social media and virtual communities, the gap between technology and music has gotten smaller.

October Music Student of the Month

We are pleased to introduce you to our October Music Student of the Month, Jacob Rismay! His passion for music and his incredible work ethic are truly inspiring!

Ukelele and SpreadMusicNow

SpreadMusicNow is committed to supporting music education because they know firsthand the benefits that children derive from learning and playing music. Multiple studies have shown the positive impact of learning an instrument on brain function and the parts of the brain that control hearing, memory, and motor control. And this is where ukelele comes in. Yes, ukelele.

September Music Student of the Month

Nylah Bernard, now a third grader at Discovery Magnet School in Bridgeport, CT, has been playing the violin for almost a year. She is a student in the KEYS music program in Bridgeport.

August Music Student of the Month

Our August Music Student of the Month is Edwin Rodriguez-Reyes from PROJECT MUSIC. Congrats, Edwin!

July Music Student of the Month

Olivia Zlabys of Music Haven is our Music Student of the Month. Olivia is a 10 year old cellist from the Foote School in New Haven, CT. She was nominated for winning the February Practice Challenge earlier this year. She practiced more than 7 hours in one week!

June Music Student of the Month

Congratulations, Andrea Rodriguez, you are the SpreadMusicNow Music Student of the Month. You're an inspiration to us and the younger students you mentor.

Closing the Musical Opportunity Gap in City Schools

Recently, the Yale School of Music released a Declaration on Equity in Music for City Students. It's the result of two years’ work and it's a national call to action to bring music to students in America’s cities. The time to enact the declaration's principles is now. Here's why.

May Music Student of the Month

Our May Music Student of the Month is Benjamin Chaleski. Congratulations! He was nominated by Brian Ho, Music Teacher at Danbury Public Schools. Keep up the great work.

April Music Student of the Month

Congratulations Tierra Smith for being nominated to be SpreadMusicNow's Music Student of the Month. Rock on!