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Supporting Music Education in Connecticut

Today, SpreadMusicNow and Band Together are formally announcing our benefit concert for Connecticut students. All proceeds from the event will support a coalition of organizations that provide music education to needy students, helping them develop skills for college, career and life success.

March: An Opportunity to Connect Music in Our Schools Month to International Women's Day

March is an exciting month; and it's always been this way for me, ever since I discovered the violin and piano Romance by Amy Beach - a female composer from New England. While a student at the University of Connecticut and a full-time violinist, I wanted to program repertoire that was not the usual Beethoven Sonata (and don't get me wrong, I love Beethoven sonatas!).

Thank You For A Life-Changing Year!

How wonderful to begin 2015 with a feeling of gratitude. I'm so grateful for our supporters' commitment to providing underserved students with music education! BeFoundation launched the SpreadMusicNow Fund to support music education in partnership with Fairfield County's Community Foundation last summer. Six months have passed and we are so thankful, humbled, and overwhelmed by the outpouring of interest and support among our ever-growing number of followers and donors.

A Great Day For Music Education

Last week, we donated some 2,000 musical instruments to go along with three years of committed educator support to bring a Modern Band program to Hartford Public Schools students. So, what is Modern Band, and why is this important?

SpreadMusicNow and Little Kids Rock To Donate 2,000 Musical Instruments to Hartford Public Schools

Representatives from nonprofit partners Little Kids Rock and the SpreadMusicNow Education Fund will deliver some of the 2,000 musical instruments to Hartford Public Schools on Thursday, Oct. 16, as part of the launch of a new instrumental music education program called Modern Band.

BeFoundation Established SpreadMusicNow Fund at FCCF to Develop Young Musicians

BeFoundation established the SpreadMusicNow Fund at the Fairfield County Community Foundation to help musically inspired children and teens develop as musicians and creative thinkers.