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May Music Student of the Month

BenOur May Music Student of the Month is Benjamin Chaleski. Congratulations! He was nominated by Brian Ho, Music Teacher at Danbury Public Schools. Keep up the great work.

Benjamin Chaleski is a 5th grade student at Western Connecticut Academy for International Studies Elementary Magnet School. Ben has been playing the violin for three years and has also been taking piano lessons since he was in third grade. Ben has participated in the All-City Orchestra for 2 years, which is usually only for 5th grade students in their third year of playing a string instrument. Recently, Ben also performed the Entertainer by Scott Joplin by memory spectacularly on the piano in the 2018 AIS talent show at Rogers Park Middle School.

Since third grade, Benjamin has been one of the most responsible students I have ever had the pleasure of having. He has never forgotten his instrument at home, is always on time to his lesson, and works very hard. He also participates in student leadership at his school and leads very well by example. Ben can be extremely quiet at times when it's time to learn and he has always been very cooperative. Although very serious in the classroom, at times when we're not learning Ben also has a very funny personality and he can be very entertaining. I wish I had more time with him because he is one of the students that I will miss the most when he leaves this school!

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  1. Diane Cooke:
    May 29, 2018 at 12:16 PM

    Ben is everything Mr. Ho wrote and more! He is a very capable musician and is a wonder at adapting pieces he hears to his own style. He also creates the most wonderful music as he explores the different possibilities of chord combinations. Ben is an absolute joy to work with.

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