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April Music Student of the Month

Tierra SmithCongratulations Tierra Smith for being nominated to be SpreadMusicNow's Music Student of the Month. Rock on!

Tierra Smith came to band with no experience and very shy. Her mother spoke to her teacher and our school, family and community outreach person about how Tierra was extremely excited at the opportunity to play an instrument through the VH1 grant opportunity. She chose to play the clarinet. The convenience of having the instrument come directly from the school allowed Tierra the chance to learn an instrument. Since starting, her teacher continues to see an incredible change socially from Tierra.

"In class and her band lesson, she was shy and quiet at the beginning of the year. Now she is a leader, always volunteering, demonstrating and helping her peers. Her growth musically has been incredible. She can cleanly and quickly articulate, has a great steady and smooth tone, and practices almost every day. Tierra is an amazing example to all the students in band class and helps the others push themselves to work harder raising the level of our program. I am so proud of her as is her family." - Danielle Core, Morris Street School Music & Band Teacher, Danbury CT.

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