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January Music Student of the Month

MSOTMDerek Munoz, Broadview Middle School, Danbury CT

"I am nominating Derek because of his passion for music. Not often, do you have an 8th grade student who just wants to come to your room to "jam". Derek is kind, supportive of others and expresses his creativity through the language of music," said Jill Russell-Benner, Broadview Middle School music teacher.

Derek Munoz is a student at Broadview Middle School in Danbury, CT. At Broadview, he is a member of the 8th grade chorus. Derek has been playing guitar, piano, and bass since elementary school in NYC courtesy of the Little Kids Rock program. He continues to learn and grow through this methodology at Broadview.

Derek says he is grateful to have music in his life as it has gotten him through many tough times. Music was the one thing that was always there when he needed it the most. He believes music speaks to people - and he uses music as a vehicle to help himself and others when they are in need.

When not in classes, Derek can be seen jamming with two other classmates in the music room on bass, guitar, and drums. He is truly a kind and compassionate student and spreads this onto others through music.

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