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The Next Chapter: A Letter from the Founder of Music Empowers Foundation

Last November, Andy Davis, founder of the Music Empowers Foundation, announced some big changes for his organization. If you haven’t heard already, Music Empowers Foundation has stopped accepting donations and is joining SpreadMusicNow.

Music Empowers has accomplished some amazing things over the past five years, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to pick up where Andy has left off.

By joining forces, we hope to fund and grow more high-quality music education programs nationwide, build public awareness and advocacy for music education, and establish partnerships with like-minded organizations across the country.

You can learn the complete details of Andy’s decision here:

Nov 16, 2015

I have some big news to share with you today. And, I must admit, it may come as a bit of a surprise.

A little over five years ago, I started the Music Empowers Foundation to fund other nonprofits that offered innovative music education to children in communities where it either didn't exist or was underdeveloped. Music Empowers was founded on the knowledge that learning to play and create music can ignite a child's creativity, foster a sense of accomplishment and empower them to achieve and succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Since its inception, the Foundation has provided nearly $1 million in grants and has brought music education programs to hundreds of thousands of children. We have partnered with and supported national organizations like Little Kids Rock, Berklee City Music, and Donorschoose.org, which have dramatically broadened children's access to music education. We've also supported a host of regional and local organizations such as Blackbird Academy of Arts (Arkansas), Piano Outreach of New York, Music & Youth Initiative (Boston) and Neighborhood Studios (Fairfield, CT) that, combined, have brought music education to thousands more children.

I am proud that we've touched so many lives. In the end, however, my goal in starting Music Empowers was not to create a legacy. Nor was it to effect a profound change in the world of music education, or create a movement. It was, more humbly, to help bring music education to as many children as possible for as long as possible.

I believe that to the extent possible given our resources, this goal has been achieved. I am satisfied with what has been accomplished. While there is surely much more to be done, I have decided that it is now time to wind down the organization. I know that this news is sudden and comes as a surprise to most, but it is the right decision for me and for Music Empowers.

I am sure that many of you will want to continue supporting and funding the cause of music education. Accordingly, I would like to introduce you to an organization with a focus and passion similar to that of Music Empowers called SpreadMusicNow. Like the Music Empowers Foundation, SpreadMusicNow believes that music education can empower children and transform their lives. And like Music Empowers, they fund high-quality nonprofit arts organizations that provide music instruction to underserved youth, helping to shape their futures and put them on a path to lifelong success.

For those of you who were considering making a donation this year to Music Empowers Foundation, I ask that instead you make a donation to SpreadMusicNow here. I also ask that you stay engaged in the active dialogue that Music Empowers has generated on social media. This will be easy to do as SpreadMusicNow will in effect be taking over where Music Empowers will be leaving off, offering the same informative, provocative and fun content you've come to enjoy with Music Empowers. If you don't want to miss a beat, visit their Facebook page and become a fan.

Of course, Music Empowers will not simply disappear. We will maintain a social media presence for the foreseeable future and the Music Empowers website will remain live for a similar duration. [UPDATE: The Music Empowers Facebook page will be merging with the SpreadMusicNow page soon, but you'll continue to receive all of the same great content.]

I would like to express my profound gratitude to all of you who have supported Music Empowers over the past five years. Your generosity and moral support have been remarkable and have been the lifeblood of the organization. We could not have accomplished what we did without your efforts. I will remember that forever.

Thank you and be well,

Andy Davis
Founder, The Music Empowers Foundation

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