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A Great Day For Music Education

Last week, we donated some 2,000 musical instruments to go along with three years of committed educator support to bring a Modern Band program to Hartford Public Schools students. So, what is Modern Band, and why is this important?

Modern Band music programs teach the popular musical styles of the past 50 years, from rock and reggae to Latin and R&B, among other genres, with a heavy focus on improvisation, composition, and getting kids to play on day one. Modern Band complements existing programs such as jazz band, choral programs, marching band, and orchestral music. It engages students academically, social-emotionally, and musically.


Dozens of certified music teachers will be trained and equipped by SpreadMusicNow, Little Kids Rock and Hartford Public Schools to bring Modern Band programming to children in grades K-12. Little Kids Rock has pioneered the Modern Band movement, currently operating in 1,140 schools in 26 cities, having served more than 300,000 kids since 2002.


SpreadMusicNow is honored to partner with Little Kids Rock and Hartford Public Schools to expand learning opportunities for all students and to ensure income is not a barrier to education in the arts.

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