Artist Ambassadors

Are you a professional musician or in a working band?

Did your own music education experiences inspire you to share your music with others?

Do you want to support our cause and help provide kids with the types of educational opportunities you benefited from?

Then get ready, because under the direction of our new Executive Director, Tom Baggott, SpreadMusicNow will be making their Artist Ambassador program a major focus moving forward.

While artist engagement will be critical to the success of our mission, we also recognize that many professional artists may themselves be in need of support, and so we’ve built our Ambassador program with the artist in mind. In partnering with us, you’ll be able to mobilize your fanbase to support the cause, and we’ll soon provide tools like website and social media donation buttons, marketing support for events and ticketing add-ons.

You can also help by being directly involved in our efforts, including:

  • Teaching workshops
  • Participating in social media campaigns
  • Appearing at fundraising events
  • Providing signed instruments or memorabilia
  • Performing at benefit concerts

Cultivating your public affiliation with SpreadMusicNow can have a positive impact on your brand, not just in terms of showing your fans that you care to give back to the community, but also directly, through the broader exposure and marketing impact that affiliation provides.

For more on this initiative, and other ways to get involved please contact

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As the saying goes "money talks." In our case, money educates children.

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The Importance of Music

“The skills gained through sequential music instruction…are vital for success in the 21st century workplace”